Wine Export

Wines with an export vocation

Our customers include leading international agents and operators in the world of wine.

Our prestige is based on the consistent quality of all our wines and on our capacity to carry out large operations successfully.

The wines of BODEGAS LA PURÍSIMA are adapted to the most exigent customers requirements adapting to their quality parameters, both the harvest as the wine elaboration.

With a production capacity of 9 million litres that accounts for 60% of the Denomination of Origin of Yecla, BODEGAS LA PURÍSIMA responds to the challenge of growing demand from the international market. A market that is discovering the excellence of our wines, as proved by increased production and export of our wines over the last few years.


Bodegas La Purísima Foundation


Obtaining the title of D.O


Elaboration of Iglesia Vieja

Bodegas La Purísima was founded in 1946 by several farmers who joined forces in order to improve the quality of Yecla wines.

Their determination and desire to produce great wines finally led, in 1975, to their receiving the Denomination Origin title. This was a huge achievement for these farmers who, limited by the border of the municipality, registered the Yecla Denomination of Origin nº 27 in line with the prestigious French AOC.