Vino Iglesia Vieja Crianza Bodegas la Purísima

Iglesia Vieja Crianza


Elaborated with the varieties of Monastrell (75%), Syrah (18%) and Garnacha (7%). It is a blend full of harmony that each one of these varieties gives us depending on the soil, the height where the vineyards grow and the hand of the vintner who takes care of them.

Afterwards we age this blend in a French oak barrel for 12 months in the case of our Crianza and 16 months for our Reserva. And after this time in oak, we put the wine in bottle in order to integrate all the aromas, the characteristics of each variety and reach the maximum peak of the wine on the palate.


When tasting it appears with an intense red color, full of brightness. e nose is full
of fruits, where at the end we can nd toasted notes and spiced ones due to its time in oak. On the palate it is friendly, easy as well as potent, so at the same time as balanced and long, with a very round finish that invites us to keep enjoying of each sip of wine.

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2001 Silver Medal. Thessalonique International Competition (Greece)

2001 Silver Zarcillo. International awards competition Zarcillo (Valladolid)

2001 Exceptional Score 90 in Wine & Spirit

2002 Silver Medal. International Wine Salon (Madrid)

2002 Gold Medal. Radio Turismo (Madrid)

2003 Silver Medal. Thessalonique International Competition (Greece)

2003 Gold Medal. International wine competition Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2003 Bronze Zarcillo. International awards competition Zarcillo (Valladolid)

2004 Silver Bacchus. International wine competition (Madrid)

2014 86 Points Guía Peñín

2016 86 Points Guía Peñín

2017 Bronze Medal Decanter World Wine Awards

2018 Medalla de Oro en Mundus Vini 2018

2019 Decanter World Wine Awards 2019, Silver Medal